Mariner's Curse, formed from the bubbling cauldron of several previous bands, features Celtic and Canadiana music with tightly knit counterpoint and multi-part harmonies. Thierry Arsenault, on percussion, imparts a deep seated knowledge of time, meter and space with his precision drumming. Rocky Dalonzo, on guitar, has been a mainstay of the Montreal music scene for many years and his soaring tenor caps our vocal sound. Ron Jenkins, on keyboards, infuses the music with counter melodies and classical voicings and is the glue that fuses the band's sound. Alex Kehler, on fiddle and cittern is an eclectic musician, mastering a wide variety of musical disciplines for his own distinctive sound. Jonathan Moorman, on fiddle and guitar, powers his instruments with raw emotive energy, delivering an amazing connection to the music.

Rocky Dalonzo: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Thierry Arsenault: Percussion, Kit
Jonathan Moorman: Violin, Guitar, Vocals
Alex Kehler: Violin, Cittern, Mandolin, Vocals.
Ron Jenkins: Keyboards, Vocals